Transdermal For All Seasons Plus 7.4oz(218ml)


Pro Hair Labs Transdermal For All Seasons Plus hair replacement adhesive by Pro Hair Labs provides a strong bond with your skin with the need for less product than other brands.

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Pro Hair Labs Transdermal For All Seasons Plus adhesive is designed to withstand higher temperatures than other adhesives and is waterproof giving you a long, strong hold even in the toughest weather conditions. Specially designed specifically for high temperatures, get the results you desire regardless of the conditions.

Pro Hair Labs Transdermal For All Seasons Plus is free of harmful chemicals and is 100% safe for your skin. Perfect  for most hair types, this product is kind to the planet and contains no nasty ingredients.

Directions for use:

*If you have a lace base system Transdermal For All Seasons should not be applied directly to the lace.

  1. Apply a thin coat of adhesive to the poly hairpiece base.
  2. While this coat is curing, apply 4-5 thin coats of adhesive to your scalp, being sure that each coat turns clear before applying the next.
  3. When each layer on your scalp, and the layer on the poly base have cured (turned completely clear and transparent) you may attach your unit.



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