For Women Only 7.4oz(218ml)


Pro Hair Labs For Women Only sensitive skin adhesive. Hair system adhesive that has been specially formulated for sensitive female skin.

This fantastic non-toxic hair system adhesive that is designed for sensitive skin on women. For Women Only has been designed to hold best on poly systems but can also be used on lace systems.

Pro Hair Labs For Women has undergone the most rigorous testing to ensure it measures up on both performance and our trademark safety first guarantee. When it comes to glue on wigs for women, this is the best hair glue available!

Directions for use:

Poly systems:

  1. Apply a thin coat of adhesive to the poly hairpiece base.
  2. While this coat is curing (drying clear to the eye), apply 4-5 thin coats of adhesive to your scalp, being sure that each coat cures (turns clear) before applying the next.
  3. When each layer on your scalp, and the layer on the poly base cure (turn completely clear and transparent) you may attach the unit.

Lace Systems:

  1. Apply 4-5 thin coatings to scalp only DO NOT APPLY TO LACE BASE. Apply each coat as soon as previous coat turns clear (approx. 20 seconds).
  2. After the 4th coat wait 7 minutes and press hair system into place.



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