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Frequently Asked Question!

Men’s Hair Northern Ireland offer a free no obligation consultation to allow you to find out about the range or non surgical hair systems on offer. This allows you to physically get your hands on the hair systems to see and feel exactly whats on offer.

There is a range of systems available to suit everyone for 18 to 80 therefore the price varies depending on the type of system etc, however the average costs of a men’s hair system supplied and fitted is between £599 to £649.  

Once your hair system is attached to the scalp you can wear up to 6 weeks at a time. We do recommend removing every 3-4 weeks for a refit in the Men’s Hair Northern Ireland salon to ensure it is always looking its very best. This will also ensure it remains completely undetectable.

The complete process can take between 1-to 9 weeks depending on your requirements, this is something we can advise on during the consultation. We will always try to deliver the service as fast as possible.

Yes, perfectly! We tailor your hair system taking into consideration: size, colour, density, wave/curl and lifestyle.

The costs of a standard refit appointment is £48.95 – £54.95 and includes:
Hair system removal and hair maintenance completed (Remove old glue/tape, washed, conditioned, hair treatment & health check)
Scalp clean (glue removal, re-shave area, skin preparation)
Natural hair on sides and back cut
Refit & style

From time to time your hair system may need some extra love:
Colour Refresh – £15
Hair bond and structure rebuild (Strengthens the hair structure & restores damage) – £18