How can I book a consultation?

Men’s Hair Northern Ireland offer a free no obligation consultation to allow you to find out about the range or non surgical hair systems on offer. This allows you to physically get your hands on the hair systems to see and feel exactly whats on offer.

How long does it take to get one?

The complete process can take between 1-to 9 weeks depending on your requirements, this is something we can advise on during the consultation. We will always try to deliver the service as fast as possible.

How much does a system cost?

There is a range of systems available to suit everyone for 18 to 80 therefore the price varies depending on the type of system etc, however the average costs of a men’s hair system supplied and fitted is between £599 to £649.  

Will the system match my own hair?

Yes, perfectly! We tailor your hair system taking into consideration: size, colour, density, wave/curl and lifestyle.

How long does it stay on for at a time?

Once your hair system is attached to the scalp you can wear up to 6 weeks at a time. We do recommend removing every 3-4 weeks for a refit in the Men’s Hair Northern Ireland salon to ensure it is always looking it’s very best. This will also ensure it remains completely undetectable.

What is the cost to refit/maintain?

The costs of a standard refit appointment is £48.95 – £54.95 and includes:
Hair system removal and hair maintenance completed (Remove old glue/tape, washed, conditioned, hair treatment & health check)
Scalp clean (glue removal, re-shave area, skin preparation)
Natural hair on sides and back cut
Refit & style

From time to time your hair system may need some extra love:
Colour Refresh – £15
Hair bond and structure rebuild (Strengthens the hair structure & restores damage) – £18

How long do they last?

That really depends on the love you give your system between visits to the salon, however the normal lifespan of a real men’s hair system is 4-6 months before a replacement is needed.

Do I need special expensive products?

No, any salon quality products us fine to use. We recommend using Professional Hair Labs (Ghostbond) products as they are specially formulated to care for a men’s hair system.
Styling products we recommend Moroccan Oil products as they maintain moisture in the hair which is the key to a long lifespan.
All products are available in store or though the website.

Can I swim/go to the gym as normal?

Absolutely! This is something we discuss during your initial consultation as lifestyle is a big part for us to be able to recommend the perfect system type and which glue/tape to best suit your lifestyle.

Is there any things I can’t do?

No! The only exception to this is if you are going on a expended holiday in a hot country you will need to have a refit just before you go and possibly when you return as extended periods of intense heat can cause the glue/tape to soften.

Will it ever fall off?

No! the hair system is securely fixed to the scalp and won’t come off without using bond (glue) release or if you leave your regular refit for several weeks past its normal refit timing.

If you’re extremely active through gym use, sports, etc you may need to complete maintenance more frequently to ensure a secure fit.

How long doing my natural hair need to be before first fitting?

The longer your natural hair on the back and sides is the better we can blend the system in. As a minimum the natural hair where it meets the system needs to be around 1 inch.

Can I go to a normal barber to have sides cut between salon visits.

Yes, absolutely! Any good barber or hair dresser will be able to cut the natural hair while maintaining the seamless blend between the hair system and your natural hair.

How often can I wash the hair system?

We recommend washing your hair system every 3-5 days using the Pro series Shampoo and Conditioner. As there will be no natural oils getting to the hair the only dirt will be surface dirt from day to day activities so there is no need to wash every day.

You can wash your back and sides daily and not shampoo the top.

Is the treatment done in private?

Yes! Client privacy is a fundamental part of the service we offer at Men’s Hair Northern Ireland. From initial contact to completing your service.

We have private rooms within the salon and there will never be more than two customer in any at time.