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Hair Is A Huge Part of Our Identity

I understand the needs of ever man experiencing hair loss.  As Men’s Hair Northern Ireland’s hair consultant I have been where you are now, Being a hair system user for the last several years and also tired all the thing you have or have considered trying including hair transplants and filler powders.  I am happy to talk to anyone during the consultation about my journey and give you the no nonsense pro’s and con’s off all the options available to you as I have personally been there and got the t-shirt.                                                                                                                   – Stephen Warwick 


Understanding the needs of every man… regain your confidence with hair that looks and feels natural with the premium quality of our custom made hair systems for men that are undetectable, comfortable and natural looking.

So why does losing our hair seem to affect us so much? Well, since way back in the caveman days, men have always associated their hair with virility, masculinity and attractiveness. When it starts to thin and fall out a man can begin to question his self-worth, as well as the image he projects when it comes to seemingly unrelated things like his finances, his relationships, his career and how he fits into his social environment.

Vanity is a funny thing. Sometimes it makes us up our game so we present the best possible version of ourselves; sometimes it makes us want to hide ourselves away for fear of rejection. For the majority of men, hair loss is a life-changing condition that can be mildly annoying at best and highly destructive at its ugliest.

“Common social and psychological effects of early male pattern baldness can manifest as depression, anxiety, anger, fatigue, low self-esteem, sense of embarrassment, self-consciousness, decreased performance in work, withdrawal from social events, problems with intimacy and in severe cases even suicide.”


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